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The Kyros Law Group has the knowledge and tenacity to get you the compensation you deserve. We have a long history of helping to get justice for our clients who have been harmed by dangerous drugs, devices, and products as well as stockbroker and corporate fraud. We’ve helped collect millions of dollars in settlements for people just like you.

Large corporations have highly experienced attorneys protecting them – so should you. When it comes to hiring a lawyer, we want you to be able to afford the very best, so we work for FREE until there is a recovery on your case. We understand that taking legal action can seem overwhelming, especially if you are in the midst of dealing with an illness, injury, bankruptcy or death. However, the claims process does not have to be hard. We are here to help make the legal process as easy as possible for you and your family.

Testimonials From Those We Have Helped

“For the past seven months it has been my pleasure to work with Barbara regarding my claim. Barbara is THE MODEL by which all your other customer service representatives should be measured against. She has the patience of a Saint. If she could not answer a question she always did the research or contacted those in the know and got back to me quickly with the answer. I know I am sometimes not the easiest person to deal with. Barbara was always cool calm and collected. She brightened my day every time I called. Whether she had good news, bad news, or no news I could count on Barbara to ease my anxiety. I highly recommend she be given some type of bonus or promotion AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!”

— David, MA

“My husband is a former NFL player who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. I have been so overwhelmed with his caregiving that I haven’t had time to do much else. I am so grateful that Paula kept contacting me to remind me of the process. She helped me to fill out the paperwork over the phone and I was so thankful for her help when it was most needed.”

— Shelly, LA

“You were very influential in our decision to sign with your firm. You explained the claims process clearly to us and were very accommodating with our requests. Thank you.”

— Raul, CA

“I was a victim of using the Wen hair care products. I had lost over 50% of my hair and was so upset that I didn’t even want to go out in public anymore. My self-esteem was gone and I was becoming very depressed. Paula was very sympathetic to my cause. She listened to me when I needed someone to talk with. She suggested purchasing a wig but I told her that I would not be able to stand wearing one. She then suggested getting hair extensions and I told her that I may look into it. A month later I called her back to tell her how happy I was that she made that suggestion. I am feeling much better about myself now.”

— Lori, NY

“I have called Greg about 10 times over the past 6 months, and he has been courteous and informative every time we have spoken. Greg and the rest of the staff treated me not only as a client but also as a friend.”

— Adeline, TX

“Because l live in a very remote location, Paula helped me to locate a pulmonologist not too far away. She was very helpful.”

— Doris, MN

“Thank you so much. You were very helpful in answering all of my questions. I don’t know how we would have found out about our rights or the claims process without talking to you, Greg.”

— Jeremy, NC

“Paula is a very caring person and an asset to your organization.”

— Charles, NC

“You have been so kind, understanding and helpful during this difficult time in our family’s life.”

— Barbara, OH

“Thank you for listening. This has been a very difficult time for my family and it helps just to have someone listen and talk to us about what our options are.

— Maggy, OK

“Prior to seeing your ad, I had no idea there were legal options for people in our shoes. Thank you for taking the time to explain the options available to us and how the process works step by step.”

— Walter, MS

“Greg helped me find local support groups and programs available at the hospital where my husband was being treated. I called for legal help but got so much more.”

— Ethel, FL

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